W B, Murshidabad, Hazarduari

3 Kottha residential land for sale on Siraj Ud Doullah road. This land is clear from Blro and municipal mutation has been done. Land is on a prime location near Hazarduari Palace. Interested to sell independent house/villa. Situated in Hazarduari, Murshidabad, WB. Nice unfurnished enhancing decorit has spacious 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom located in Muslim dominated area near Chawk Masjid. It is a 10 years old property. Interested to sell independent house/villa located near Saraikhana Masjid and Munima Masjid. Nice unfurnished enhancing decorit has spacious 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It is a 15 years old property construction in a calm and quite Muslim area. Well decorated house available for rent near registry office more Masjid with marble flooring for Muslim family. Murshidabad Station is at 10 mins of walking distance. Girls hostel near Girl’s high school near Dalani Masjid in a good location. Residential plot of 2 kottha available for sale Alu Gola Masjid at affordable price. This locality is populated with Muslims. Shop for rent is available on Lalbagh Qabristan road by a Muslim owner. Ten kottha agricultural land is on urgent sale near Itwari slaughter house at a very low price.